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Thames Water Build over Agreement Telephone Number

Thames Water Build Over Agreement Telephone Number: A Quick Guide

If you`re a homeowner or a developer looking to make changes to your property that could potentially affect Thames Water`s pipes or infrastructure, you may need to obtain a Build Over Agreement. This is a legal document that outlines the conditions under which you can build over (or near) their assets, and it`s required to ensure the safety and integrity of the water and wastewater network.

If you`re not sure whether you need a Build Over Agreement or want to apply for one, you`ll need to contact Thames Water. Here`s a quick guide to finding their telephone number and what to expect when you call.

Finding Thames Water`s Telephone Number

Fortunately, Thames Water`s telephone number is easy to find. You can visit their website at or simply call them on 0800 316 9800 (or 0345 850 3061 if you`re calling from a mobile). They`re available 24/7, so you can call them at any time that`s convenient for you.

What to Expect When You Call Thames Water

When you call Thames Water, you`ll be greeted by an automated message that will ask you to select an option from a menu. If you`re calling about a Build Over Agreement, you`ll need to select option 1. You`ll then be connected to a customer service representative who will ask you a few questions to determine whether you need a Build Over Agreement and what kind of work you`re planning to do.

They`ll likely ask you for your address, the proposed location of the works, and the estimated start date. They may also ask you for details about the project, such as the nature of the development and the type of equipment or machinery that will be used. If you`re unsure about any of these details, don`t worry – the customer service representative will be able to guide you through the process.

Applying for a Build Over Agreement

If it`s determined that you need a Build Over Agreement, the customer service representative will provide you with a reference number for your application and let you know what documents you`ll need to submit. These may include plans or drawings of the proposed works, a risk assessment, and proof of insurance. They`ll also explain the fees involved and how long the process is likely to take.

Once you`ve submitted your application, Thames Water will review it and may request further information. If everything is in order, they`ll issue the Build Over Agreement, which will outline the conditions for the works and any restrictions that apply. You`ll need to adhere to these conditions to avoid damaging the water and wastewater network and potentially incurring fines.

In conclusion, if you`re planning to build over or near Thames Water`s assets, you`ll need to obtain a Build Over Agreement. Contacting Thames Water on their telephone number (0800 316 9800) is the first step in the process, and their customer service representatives will be able to guide you through the rest. With their help, you can ensure that your project is carried out safely and without any disruption to the water and wastewater network.