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Pure Carbons

Pure Carbons ultimately intends to manufacture and sell natural, Eco friendly and sustainable charcoal from coconut shells and other renewable resources at competitive prices. Coconut shell charcoal is a popular alternative to conventional wood charcoal. Charcoal is made by charring raw materials such as coconut shells, wood and others in an oxygen-less furnace or temporary heaps until they become the carbonized form of that material. However, coconut shell charcoal has much lower smoke emissions than conventional wood or coal based fired charcoal.
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– To be recognized as the leader in the charcoal industry by putting into practice the values outlined in this statement and by living by those values.
Our decisions and actions will reflect the value of putting people first, aligning with our responsibility towards the environment, providing employment, encouraging excellence, embracing change, and celebrating diversity
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– To provide the best possible way of producing the highest-quality charcoal products that meet the needs and protect the interests of our clients, employees, and other stakeholders.
– To be the leading producer of high quality charcoal, bio-coal, and briquettes that are renewable, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and have high calorific value.
– To provide a viable, financially sustainable solution which over the years significantly reduces the environmental impacts of charcoal production upon the forest and community, whilst restoring livelihoods for local people.
– To become a benchmark for sustainable manufacturing at the highest level, based on continuous improvement in every detail of our products
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