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Ibew Local 46 New Contract 2021

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 46 has recently negotiated a new contract for 2021 with multiple contractors in the Puget Sound area. The agreement greatly benefits the skilled electrical workers represented by the union, who will see increased wages and benefits.

The new contract includes a 4.5% wage increase for all employees, as well as improved healthcare benefits. Additionally, the contract addresses safety concerns on job sites and strengthens protections against discrimination. The terms of the agreement were negotiated collaboratively between the IBEW Local 46 and contractors to ensure fairness and satisfaction for both parties.

For over 100 years, the IBEW has been a force for workers` rights, ensuring that skilled tradespeople receive fair wages and benefits for their work. The union represents over 775,000 workers in a variety of industries throughout North America, including numerous electricians, lineworkers, and other skilled electrical workers.

The new contract is a testament to the IBEW`s commitment to ensuring its members` best interests are represented and protected. It also shows how vital unions are in securing fair and equitable compensation and benefits for workers in a variety of industries.

Overall, the IBEW Local 46`s new contract is a positive step forward for workers in the electrical industry. It reaffirms the importance of unions in negotiating fair compensation and benefits for skilled workers and their families. The contract demonstrates the importance of workers` rights and the value of collaboration between unions and contractors to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.