Osstf Agreement 2020

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Title: Understanding the OSSTF 2020 Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers` Federation (OSSTF) has recently reached a new agreement for its members. The OSSTF represents over 60,000 teachers, educational support staff, and professional student services personnel across Ontario.

The new agreement affects all levels of education, from elementary schools to high schools, and it comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education system. In this article, we will discuss the key points of the OSSTF 2020 agreement and what it means for teachers, students, and parents.

Salaries and Benefits

Under the new agreement, OSSTF members will receive a 1% salary increase in the first year, followed by a 1% increase in the second year and a 1.5% increase in the third year. In addition, they will receive a one-time payment of $500 in recognition of the challenging work conditions due to the pandemic.

The agreement also provides job security for teachers, as there will be no layoffs for the duration of the agreement. Finally, there are improvements to benefits, including maternity and parental leave, sick leave, and life insurance.

Online Learning

The pandemic has forced schools to pivot to remote learning, and the agreement addresses this new reality. Teachers will be compensated for the additional work required to create online courses. In addition, there will be a new online learning support team to help teachers develop and deliver online courses.

Mental Health Support

The agreement recognizes the importance of mental health, especially during the pandemic. It includes additional funding for mental health support, including access to counseling and other programs.

Working Conditions

The agreement includes provisions that aim to improve working conditions for teachers, such as reducing the workload and limiting the number of students per class. It also includes measures to improve the physical environment of schools, such as addressing air quality and safety concerns.


The OSSTF 2020 agreement addresses many of the challenges that teachers, students, and parents are facing during the pandemic. It provides job security, salary increases, and benefits improvements for teachers, while also addressing the mental health and working conditions concerns.

This agreement is a step forward in improving the quality of education in Ontario, and it shows that the OSSTF is committed to supporting its members and providing the best possible education for students. As we move forward, it will be important to continue to monitor the implementation of the agreement and make sure that it is fulfilling its promise.