Electives, Clerkships, & Externships
Elective & Clerkships:

All those medical students wanting to gain clinical experience in the US, seeking elective credit for their respective medical schools (subject to your clinical dean’s approval), students looking to enhance their English proficiency and patient interaction skills for an upcoming USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam, and all those who are in anticipation of applying for the upcoming residency match cycle and want to earn performance-based Letters of Recommendation.


International Medical graduates (IMGs) aspiring to fulfill the United States Clinical Experience (USCE) requirements entailed by several residency programs. Externships also provide doctors from other countries with an opportunity to get well versed with the US healthcare system. Doctors wanting to get acquainted with services such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Electronic Healthcare Record (EHRs), Medical Billing and Coding, Insurance claims, and review of malpractice cases. Also, externships are great opportunities for students to gain VALUABLE exposure to patient care in a clinical setting for all those international applicants who have been out of touch with the patient care for many prior years.

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